About Cardell Dance Studio

Cardell Dance Theater announces the opening of Cardell Dance Studio in the heart of the  Art Museum Area. The Studio will serve as the company’s home and dance studio offering classes, workshops for professional dancers as well as classes for the community.

The Studio will serve as the company’s new home — and as a place where performance, education, and community engagement meet.

Professional—as well as recreational—classes and workshops  will be taught by movement artists and dance innovators, including by company members with a weekly master class by choreographer Silvana Cardell, the artistic director of Cardell Dance Theater.

Cardell Dance Studio allows Artistic Director Silvana Cardell a creative space to experiment and create new work with her dancers and fine-tune technique.  

“These past years after touring intensively with CDT, it has become my priority to open a studio to create a home for my artistic practice. This space will allow me to settle in one place, to create, explore and interact with audiences that can test my work from sketches to final creations. As a choreographer, whose work is extremely physical, rigorous and socially engaged, I not only need to further develop my practice training dancers in my particular approach to movement, but I also need to promote civic engagement through dance and significance themes that can create positive social change, having a headquarter to gather artists and audiences is essential to my mission.”

-Silvana Cardell

 For Greater Philadelphia’s dance community, a range of professional dance classes in Technique, Creative Movement, Improvisation, Urban and World Dances will be offered. Also on offer will be dance and movement classes for the Art Museum Area community of all ages, including for youth and seniors. Additionally, Cardell Dance Studio will provide affordable rental space for artistic practice, showings, and events. 
This beautifully renovated industrial building features full facade windows facing Fairmont Avenue and the rear windows facing Melon Street, 2000 square footage on wood floors, full kitchen, and restroom/changing rooms. The Studio is four blocks from the Broad Street Subway and close proximity to Center City, and just a 10–15 minute drive from most of Northwest Philadelphia.