“My aim is to promote civic engagement through dance to create positive social change. The studio is a headquarter to gather artists and audiences to achieve this mission.”

-Silvana Cardell

Cardell Dance Theater, is a professional ensemble that gathers artists to create innovative and provocative dance performances since 2009. Relocated in the Philadelphia Art Museum neighborhood, the company will expand its reach serving as an artistic and cultural resource to enhance and engage the local community opening its own studio at a beautiful recycled industrial building on 1713 Melon Street. Cardell Dance Studio is designed as a place where performance, education, and community engagement will meet. 

Cardell Dance Studio offers recreational and professional classes and workshops taught by movement artists and dance innovators. Cultivating creativity, confidence, and artistic skill, the studio is dedicated to the creation and implementation of affordable cultural programs. The main goal is to create a welcoming environment engaging people to implement change and well-being, starting from the most fundamental place: our bodies.


  • To engage audiences in our artistic practice.
  • To serve the Art Museum Area community offering dance classes for all ages providing dance classes in Technique, Creative Movement, Social Dance, Improvisation, and Somatic.
  • To design dance programs for professional dancers to train, create, discuss, analyze and produce dance performances.  
  • To provide affordable rental space for artistic practice.