Studio Rentals

Book a Studio Rental

To book your studio rental, just select the number of hours and your desired time. We will follow up to provide further information, provide a final quote, and confirm the booking.

Prices for studio can be found in the following section on rental rates.

If you need to rent the studio for longer than four hours, please contact info [at] to arrange your booking.

Rental Rates*

Rehearsal Rate: $25/hr to $35 –

Class/Workshop Rate: $50 to $60/hr.

Audition: $60/hr.

Event/Performance: $50/hr.

Photo shoot/Film shoot: case by case basis

Commercial: case by case basis

*Renter must provide proof of insurance and sign community sound agreement.

*All rental rates are determined by Cardell Dance and subject to our discretion.

*You will be required to sign a rental agreement.